No boot device available, cant boot from ISO


I can't boot from CD with Vista Recovery Disk.ISO file on it (123 MB file size).

I get:
No Boot device available
SATA 0: Installed
SATA 1: Installed
SATA 2 None
SATA 3 None

Dell Inspiron 531
New HD (after guessing HD failed)

FLoppy A disabled
SATA 0 ...DVD... (lots more #'s)
SATA 1 ST3500413AS (new HD)

Boot sequence:
2 removable
3 HD

I tried removing & replacing board battery without effect.

Is the mother board toast?

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  1. An .iso file is designed to PRODUCE a bootable CD or DVD. You can't just copy it to a CD and expect it to run at boot up.
  2. A .iso file is a disk image, you need to burn that image onto the disc so that it will work, right now you just have the image file burned onto the disk which is the equivilant of trying to boot off of a photo. There are lots of free software utilities out there that will burn an iso to a disc.
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