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Hi! Well I'm new here and also building up my first Future proof gaming pc, I have like 1800$ (everything included from case, to aftermarket fans, every single cable) included to spend and thats it, no upgrades in very, very long time. I've been researching a lot and google tends to direct to this page a lot so I think maybe you could help a newbie geek out.

So far I thought..

I5 2500k (I really don't undestrand HT much, but I'm no video editor or anything that's why 2500k not 2600k)

570 SLI (3D gaming cuts fps in half that's why)

Corsair CMPSU-850HX 850-Watt HX Professional Series

ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z - LGA 1155 - Z68 - Republic of Gamer Series - mATX Intel Z68 Micro ATX DDR3 2200
(Seems like a good mobo for the price, but honestly, a friend pick this one, I have really little idea what makes a good motherboard looking at price:performance ratio)

Haven't choose the case yet (People told me I should think about the case last)

Neither choose HDD but 500 gb is more than enough. A SSD would be GREAT but I think slightly out of budget

Next. RAM, is there a difference between 4 2GB chips and 2 4GB? not sure if 1333 or 1600 also..

Monitor: 3D Gaming is something I always wanted to try, and now that I've got the money is defintely my ultimate goal besides future proofing 'course.
So the 2 most viable options for me I think are ASUS VG236H or Acer GD235HZbid and nvidia 3D kit (software, glasses and imitator(?) maybe, not sure about the name)

Aftermarket fans(?) I thought I'll need them

3 months ago I didn't know anything about CPU or GPU. And this is my first purchase and I really don't want to regret about later.. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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  1. I forgot to ask what I needed help at first. Opinions, better parts..
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    CPU is perfectly fine for your needs. You'll definitely want an after market fan if you're going to overclock. The Cooler Master Hyper 212+ is $30 and a beast.

    Your mobo should be fine, but make sure you get one that has at least two 6gbs SATA ports and a couple of USB 3.0 ports.

    The 570 in SLi will be very powerful and that is plenty of wattage but you could save some money by going with 560 TI's which will give near the same performance. Even if you can get a solid 60fps on games the 3D aspect will cut that down to 30fps. In all honestly, I think it's a waste of time and money at the moment.

    You can get a really fast terabyte HDD for $50 if you look around. Only get the SSD if you're and enthusiast and care about super fast start ups and loading of most used programs.

    Make sure you get a case large enough to hold the gpu's as they are huge and one that has good airflow and places to hide cables away.

    1333mhz on you RAM is fine if you want to save some money. 1666mhz is just a little bit faster in certain instances. 2 x 2gb equals 4gb total. 2 x 4gb equals 8gbs total. Only a 64bit OS will benefit from 4 or more gigabytes. I have 4gb on my Win7 64bit and have never needed more and I'm a hardcore gamer so it's your choice if you want to spend the money or not on something you probably won't even need.
  3. So you think purchasing 3D Monitors and going SLI just for 3D isn't worth it right now? or you mean getting 570 SLI VS 560 ti?

    Eventually this technology will grow old, and thats when I plan on OC but I want the posibility to OC right now, so yeah I do plan on OC, so how many extra fans should I buy? Does a mid-tower case will be enough?
  4. well for a start theres no such thing as future proofing. its a fools errand.
    the 2500k is fine for gaming today but in a few months the socket 2011 will be here as will the sandy E series which will supposedly offer another 20%+ gain over the current sandys and cost pretty much the same for the enthusiast parts from what i gather.
    the 570 is a nice card but sucks way to much power from the wall. the amd parts work just as well and cost less than half as much to run when you consider your pc will be on 8-16 hours per day the money you save over a year will mount up...
    if you want physx then you can get a smaller nvidia card to run alongside the xfire amd's and you will keep your electrisity prices down without any drop in performance. (yes its a little finikey to get working but 1s it is, it will work just as well if not better than its fully nvidia counterparts).
    500gigs wont last you very long. especialy if you have a 10Mbps internet line. it would be full in less than 2 months. 2x1 tb raid 0 can be had for the price of a small ssd and give just as fast transfer rates of 250MBps
    1600mhz seems to be the sweet spot for sandys and 2x4gigs will give more options later but try and get lower latencey if you can... btw it is better to get c7 1333 ram rather than c9 1600mhz ram...
    cooler wise i wouldnt bother with the hyper unless your gonna change the fan as there noisy. you can do just as well with other brands and add a multi speed yateloon 900-2200 rpm fan. it will be both quiet when you want it to be and effective when you need it to be...
    there is very little differenc in the coolers physicaly at around 30bux but spend a little more on a noctua 12 or 14 and you will see a marked difference in performance and noise. or eve look at a closed loop waterblock the h60 is pretty damn good.

    over all there is little wrong with your choices the z68 isnt really worth the extra if you dont have a ssd raid setup to compliment the cache feature. so get a better featured p67 board for the same money.

    other than that and the price of it to run, i can see no problems with what you have chosen.


    nah just kidding m8 the 2500k 570x2 setup will be a dream machine for most. just not for me.
  5. I would love to go xfire, but finding a ATI HD3D monitors are waay over priced IMO.. about the 2500k.. Do you think that future games will make good use of HT?? if they will a 2600k non SSD PC will be a better choice for, haha as you said my ¨ilusion future proofing ¨

    Opions of 3D Gaming?? 560 ti SLI vs 570 SLI??
  6. Two 570's will give better FPS in SLI so if you're going to go 3D it is probably the better choice. There is not a single game that I have heard of that will use hyper threading now or in the near future so it's a waste of money if you don't have anything to use it with. You can overclock the i5 2500k to 4.0ghz or higher easily
  7. ^+1
    GTX 570s in SLI is better when it comes to 3D gaming as it can cut down your FPS by a bundle.
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