Battlefield: BC2 BOSD/shutter

So i've been playing the game for a while and have been using the11.4 drivers and i would experience a shutter while playing the game. I've tried to find many different fixes for it and nothing seems to work. I have xfired 4850's.

So when the 11.5 drivers i desided to update them and i noticed that the shutter was almost gone, would only happen once or twice during each map. However now i'm experiencing a BOSD that happens while playing saying that my video drivers stopped and didn't restart within a certian amount of time. its the atikmpg.sys i think is the file that is associated with it.

I've tried reverting back to 11.4 and still get the BOSD. This is the only game that it does it in. SC2, CIV 5, WoW, Left 4 Dead 2 all work fine.

I've done the uninstall, driver sweaper in safe mode, then reinstall so i don't think it could be carrying over to that but maybe. Here is the rest of my system

AMD 9850 BE.
8gigs of DDR2 @ 1066
Vista Home Premium.
Sapphire 4850(xfired).
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  1. I had something similar that happening. It had nothing to do with the graphics or sound drivers or any of the other stuff posted on various forums. What I did was to run an elevated command prompt and the ran the command sfc /scannow

    What this command does is scan for and try to fix corrupt files. Doing this on my i7 laptop in my sig only took a few minutes but then again I've got an SSD so it could take significantly longer on your system if you have a standard HDD. Try that and let me know if that fixes it.
  2. I had crossfired 4870s with BFBC2 for a while. The stuttering, black frame issuewas endemic and never fixed. (Google it) The best work around was to wait for it to occur, escape out and change the video settings (turn HBAO on or off). It seemed to clear it up for that session.

    BFBC2 multiplayer also has issues with any background monitoring software or overlays--if you're playing on a punkbuster server it'll create hardlocks. You need to make sure that you're not running FRAPS, Afterburner, Steam overlay, GPUZ, anything like that in the b.g. Somehow they access the same low level functions.
  3. Well that would be good to know. I do run afterburner since it auto clocks down my video cards below the specs when they arn't in use.
  4. That's what's doing it. There's even a note in the readme file of Afterburner, I believe.
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