Why Is My Wireless Faster Then My Ethernet?

Hi, I have a question.

When I run a speed test on my laptop (speedtest.net) I get back around 3.6MB on my 10 meter Cat5e cable. But when I switch to wireless, sitting in the same room, a good 10 meters awya from the hub, my wireless brings be back a good 4.1MB on average. Just to be sure, I used a 5 meter cat5e cable and still, on average, I got back around 3.6MB, but my wireless was still pushing a good 4MB+ ...

Why is this?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Have you measured this objectively by timing large file transfers -- or are you relying on software indicators ? The latter are, often, just a rough guide to speed, not a true indication.
  3. As fihart suggests, it's not clear if those differences are reliable (or even significant), esp. when measured over the Internet. Having no other information than your results, you might want to try SG TCP Optimizer. Seem to fix problems in this area w/ some regularity. Worth a shot.
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