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Can the Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler be changed to be controlled with a 4 fan controller unit instead of the single knob?
The 4 fan controller I have in mind is

Also is the fan controller I have in mind good? Any other recommendations?
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  1. Can you not control the fans in bios?
  2. 1. Yes, just ignore the knob and use the fan controller (set the knob to max and leave it at that), but why not leave it at the control of the bios / whatever software you have?
    2. I wouldn't recommend that fan controller, do you only require 4 channels? Are you intent on a touch screen? Lamptron FC5 is a very good 30W/channel 4 channel controller but not touch. If you want a touch screen either the NZXT Sentry LXE or the Lamptron FCT are the better of a limited selection.
  3. @Davcon: Yes I can control it in bios
    @Nina Pants: Ok so I wont use the fan controller for the CM v8 since bios is better. Also, doesn't the FC5 have a newer version? Is that one recommended too?
  4. Correct, apologies, I do indeed refer to the FC5-V2 (it has a better LCD readout), didn't know the old FC5's were still sold.
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