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Hello all,

I've been noticing newer games are starting to run at depressing FPS rates on my machine lately. Here's what I'm running:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600
Radeon HD 4890
4 Gb Patriot DDR2 RAM
Antec 650W PSU
Windows 7

I'm looking to definitely upgrade the CPU and probably going to get a new mobo that supports DDR3 RAM. I am seriously considering the Phenom II X4 970 BE thanks to the benchmark ratings on this Tom's Hardware.

I'm wondering if there would be any advantage to upgrading my graphics card situation. I was thinking about three options: crossfire-ing with another 4890; upgrading to the 6000 series, specifically the 6870; or staying with my 4890. Do you all think that there would be enough of an increase in performance to spend about $200 on a new card setup?

Any opinions would be very much appreciated!
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  1. Ah, sorry for the double post. Internet was acting up...
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    You have a 4890 on that CPU? You are CPU bottlenecked heavily.

    That GPU is still good, you don't really need a new one.

    Upgrading to a 2500k/DDR3, or 975BE/DDR3. You would get more out of going with a 2500K, but its totally up to you.

    You could also wait till the new Bulldozer AMD CPUs come out as they are right around the corner.

    Its up to you, but you don't need a GPU upgrade as much as you do a CPU upgrade.
  3. Thanks for the help. I'm worried about the bulldozer because my budget for CPU is only between 150 and 200.
  4. DDR2 to DDR3 is a 1 or 2% performance upgrade. It's a waste of money unless you have to upgrade your board to one that doesn't support your old ram.
  5. If he has an AM2 motherboard though...
  6. Grab a AMD Phenom II X4 955.

    Unlocked and C3 revision so you can OC it pretty well. It is the bets value for your money in my opinion. Stick with your hd4890 and CF later. That is still a decent card and should get you through another year and a half.
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