Worth upgrading?

Not sure if this is the correct category, but anyways.

I currently have:

AMD phenom II x4 940 3.00 GHz
Radeon 5770 1gb
8gb ram
Antec 650w earthwatts PSU

I'm definitely upgrading my graphics cards to maybe a 6950 or 560, but I'm not sure whether it's worth upgrading the rest.

I'm thinking of getting an i-5 2500k system. I use my computer for web programming, and occasionally photoshop/illustrator, I multi-task a lot, and I usually have a video playing while I work, and of course gaming.

So would an i-5 system be a considerable upgrade, or should I wait maybe another year to see what comes out?
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    I assume that your mobo is AMD, because AMD processors are only compatible with AMD mobos, and Intel processors are only compatible with Intel mobos.

    Therefore, if you upgrade to an i5, it won't work.

    Other than that, you can upgrade to a 6970 or GTX 570 instead of the 6950 or 560. Everything else is good. :)
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