Why u no work for me pc?!

Hi All.

I've recently added a new harddrive to my pc and now it wont boot up. to fit it into the case I had to remove my RAM and a few of the cables etc. I put it all back together and nothing happened. Turns out the 24 pin connector wasn't properly oushed in. So I sorted that, but it still wouldn't boot.

I've checked that everything I took out is back in, I've double checked all the cables and connectors. Everything I can think of, I've done. But when I hit the power button it wont boot up. All the fans turn on, my pump (watercooled pc) turns on an the water flows fine. But there are no beeps and the monitors don't show any sign of life.

I'm all out of ideas. Any suggestions would be great! rig consists of:
Asus p7h55-m/usb3
i3-540 (at stock)
8 gb corsair vengeance

Many thanks!
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  1. Has anyone got any ideas?? I've rebuilt it again since with the bare minimum components and same thing happens.

    Is there anything I can do to rule out potential problems?
  2. do u need to make a partition
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