I need help with a memory issue

I have the Asus P8 z77-v lx motherboard, and have 32gb of memory. My issue is that neither the bios or windows see anything above 16gb of memory installed. I would have said hey my memory must be bad, but I have returned it twice. But that is not the problem, I might think its the motherboard. But as of today I installed CPU-Z and believe it or not it has all the 32gb in that recognized. WHAT the hell is going on and how do I get this figured out.
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  1. If you have Windows 7 Home Premium it will only use 16 gb,Pro and Ultimate will use the 32gb.
  2. But would that stop the bios from seeing it as well?
  3. You might need a bios update but with home premium the limit is 16gb
  4. I am completely baffled, i have done that as well. I am going to try to remove the battery and see if that does something for me. I have checked each sim so I know that is not it.
  5. What version of 7 do you run?
  6. windows 7 professional, and they may be wrong, but when i called Microsoft they told me it will see all the memory. Are they full of it.
  7. windows 7 professional < yes it should
  8. I think it depends on the CPU and whether FSB parity is required.

    Also, please state your CPU, your ram brand and speed and volume and quantity (assuming 4 x 8gb).
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