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I am looking for a new laptop, and I am between two models. The first one has the Core i7-720QM, and the other one has i7-2640M.

If a look at the benchmarks in the tnternet, it seems that i7-720QM is a lot worse than i7-2640, but I read in several web sites that the performance difference should be about 10%.

For example, in Passmark benchmarks the i7-720QM has a 3,293 mark, and i7-2760QM performs 7549

Can I trust these benchmarks?

What do you think between these two CPUs? Is the i7-2760QM really that better?

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  1. because 2760qm is sandy bridge series.yes i7 2760qm is much more better than normal version like 720qm.
  2. i7-720 QM is quad core old generation processor
    i7-2640QM is a dual core new generation processor
    i7-2760QM is a quad core latest update of the new generation processor

    Obviously the 2760QM is the best in terms of speed, technology and it can support 1600 Mhz RAM natively.
  3. Thanks !!!
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