Asus f1a75-m Pro video crashing

I keep having some random freeze and or video crashed. I sometimes get a blue screen and it states the video has crashed and could not recover. Occasionally I get a video recovery that works and I can keep working. Most of the time I get a crash and the whole computer freezes.

I have updated the firmware to 2201 (2/6/2012) and have installed the AMD engine control for AMD Catalyst 12.6.

I am still having issues with a crash when I run civilization on steam, sometimes netflix or just randomly. I am using the onboard video with a monitor for a 2nd screen (VGA) and a 720p tv for the primary over HDMI.

Any thoughts?
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  1. You probably have a defective motherboard.
  2. I have contacted asus support. I will see what response I get.
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