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I'm having a problem with booting my computer and the only thing I can think is causing the problem is my CPU.

My components are as follows

Gigabyte G1-Killer Guerilla / Intel DX58SO
Core i7 965EE (3.2Ghz 8mb with stock fan)
6GB Corsair Dominator PC28000 (1600Mhz XMP)
ATI HD4870X2 (2 of these)
Coolermaster Real Power Pro 1250W
WD 500GB Cav (3 of these Raid 0)
Sony BR Sata
HP 1070 DVD RW Sata
Coolermaster Cosmos S

Now when installing everything on the Intel DX58SO the computer powers but blank screen on the monitor, So I tried outside the case with minimum components, 1 stick of ram (tried all 3) then no ram, 1 GFX card (Tried both individually) no HDD's or BR/DVD drives but all result in a blank screen.

When installing to the Gigabyte G1-Killer Guerilla the system powers for 2 seconds then turns off an begins to cycle on and off until I remove the plug, I also tried outside the case with minimum components as above.

I've also made sure both the CPU and heatsink are seated correctly and removed the old thermal paste and applied new, I still have the same issue.

I know all other components work as i've tested these with a different combo of other items, Memory, PSU, GFX, both Mobo's work as they did even using a Core i7 960. I've even reset the CMOS on both boards.

The only thing not working seems to be the Core i7 965EE

So does it sound like the CPU is the problem or is there something else i'm missing?

Been scratching my head for the last 36 hours trying to resolve this issue, so i'm looking for some outside thinking in case I missed something or I'm just being plain dumb?
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  1. restart computer and go into last safe boot. try to configure the monitor to a much lower resolution. Also, make sure the port on the gpu is working correctly and the monitor is plugged in fully. If this doesn't fix the problem, i would recommend switching out the cpu if you have a spare with the same socket type, if not, going to a local shop where you can return it, and test that theory out.
  2. The 965EE wont even make it to POST, with the 960 on either board it runs fine thats what made me think it could be the CPU?
  3. sounds like a cpu problem. Did you bend any pins setting it or was packaging bad? do you have thermal paste down and the hsf attached securely?
  4. The pins are fine, the CPU looks fine, applied paste and seated correctly, I even used the same heatsink on the 960 an it booted as normal.

    Anyway i've just sent the Boxed 965EE via DHL to Intel as its still under warrenty, took plenty of pictures this time as last time I sent them a mobo they bent the pins an blamed it on me due to a missing PNP cap (Even tho they sent me 1 and I fitted it correctly lol)
  5. yeah, who are you buying from? might be the middle man to blame.

    Never had a problem with them, bought the original stuff at the end of 2008, bought the new Gigabyte board for USB 3.0 an Sata 3.0 an got some nice features on it too like E2100 Built in Bigfoot Killer an Creative X-Fi suite running on the same audio the Intel Smackover was using, I didnt fancy going all out on the higher end boards as X58 goes EOL next year with the incoming X79 and Sandy-E, I'll most likely buy an entire upgrade of components towards the end of next year once the new platform has settled in.

    I just hope Intel dont try and mess me about this time, never overclocked the platform just left it at default, infact I even turned turbo mode off lol
  7. well, could just be a bad chip. id return it and get a replacement. Best of luck to you! Have you thought about getting the i7 2600k? its a great little chip, and has unbelievable OC capability. should be priced comparitively.
  8. Yeah I was reading up on those and they look very impressive, but its changing from a 1366 socket to a 1155, an the only chips I have are 1366 lol, guess i'll wait and see what Intel say, I know the Core i7 965EE and 975EE are discontinued already since 980X and 990X are in play but I assume they would still have stock of the 965 & 975 for warrenty issues?
  9. Possibly. 1366 socket is a dead socket technology as far as intel is concerned. I think you will find them for another year or two, but after that, no way. 1155 seems to be the socket that intel is embracing, even for their Ivy Bridge release.
  10. 2011 is the next socket for the Sandy-E X79 platform if i'm not mistaken?
  11. ummm, from what i've heard, 1155 Socket in the H61/67, P67, and Z68 chipsets are all Ivy Bridge compatible.
  12. Intel are replacing the CPU with a brand new Core i7 965EE, seems the original was the problem :)
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