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Need Suggestion on Graphics Upgrade

Hi everyone,

i'm new to building but i just built my first system with the specs below, and loving it, plays all my games (like BC2, Crysis 2) and the whole lot cost me $500 flat so i'm very happy, i was thinking if later i wanted to upgrade graphics for newer games and keep playing with good framerates and settings (i pull about 70-110FPS on both those games on high settings, at what point am i being held back by my cpu or other things when upgrading graphics(willing to replace PSU) i'd also love to screen record well, and is that based on cpu speeds or a bit of everything.
thanks for your help :)
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  1. With your CPU and system specs, the 5770 is probably the weak link. Does not sound like you are running on very high resoltuion if you can get over 70 frames on those games on high settings.
  2. i'm running it at 1360x768, and about 1280x768 on my games, so with that cpu, how high range can i look, or can i not worry about ever being limited by my cpu and just go for my price range, and if i even did upgrade cpu, would it make a difference or is it mostly on graphics card? thanks
  3. sorry 1080x768 on BC2 i think
  4. The HD5770 is more than capable for the resolutions you are talking about. Your CPU is more likely to limit things but for now it should be fine.
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    For those resolutions you are fine, don't think you'll have to upgrade anything for a few years, worry about it then. As posted above, your CPU will have more of an issue in CPU-intensive games than your video card would in GPU-intensive games. If you ever up your resolutions, you will need an upgrade probably to the video card first to get to 70 frames. Anything over 50 or so is perfectly smooth though.
  6. what are some examples of cpu vs gpu intensive games, i didn't know there were any differences on how the games run in a system, i was asking more for like, if i upgrade my video card in the future (say nvidia 500 series) will i probably have to upgrade my cpu/mobo if i want best performance out of gpu?
  7. I don't have any example of games, but you will probably be able to move a tier or 2 in graphics cards and be able to see an improvement with the same CPU. You don't really have to worry about that much unless you are also going to be moving to a higher resolution monitor.
  8. okay now i'm currently on 1360x768 BC2 and i'm having to turn down my settings to stop the frames dropping during explosions and battle and even then it still does, i would like you to point me in the direction of what graphics card in the nvidia range that i can move up to, i really enjoy this game and would love it to be very smooth, i don't have a price range but tell me if i need to upgrade my current power supply, thanks a lot, yeah also on my current graphics card could i also just use the overclocking features or would i not see much of a difference compared to a better card, i have decent cooling in my case
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