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How do I get my microphone and headset jacks to work on my razer lycosa keyboard?
When I plug in my headset nothing happends.

I use realtek hd audio, windows 7 64 bits.
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  1. Plug them in the right hole.
  2. Install driver.
  3. Do you know where I can finde these drivers??

    There are only 2 holes and I have tried both of them, and still nothing happends.
  4. Those drivers are up to date.

    What the problem is how to switch so I hear from headset instead of speakers. I can't hear anything from my headset now when they are plugged in to the keyboard.
    My gues is it has to be something with the realtek options but can't finde how to make the switch....
  5. I think you can select your sound device with the Window sound settings.

    Also, try disabling the sound card to see if it automatically switch to keyboard sound.
  6. I use 5.1 sound system and I tried to plug in the headset kable from my keyboard into front speakes and then I got some sound in the headset, but the problem will be I have to change from speakers to the keyboard kable when I going to use headset in the keyboard.

    Thanks for all the help!
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