HP dv6244us Notebook - CPU Upgrade options? T5200 1.6ghz currently

I have an HP dv6244us notebook with a T5200 1.6ghz Core 2 Duo processor. Do I have any options as far as upgrading that processor? Can I put in a T7200 or T7600? Does bus speed or multiplier matter? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)
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  1. It won't make a lot of difference to upgrade a processor, in a unit with an obsolete motherboard.
    Increasing the RAM, clearing out all the old spam and spyware, will help a bit.

    But what it comes down to is that you can't expect newer performance from an old computer. You need to update your whole system to really see an improvement, not just the processor.
  2. Soundguruman, well put. The machine has 4GB in it so I was thinking of upgrading the CPU and HD, but by the time I do that and spend $200-$300, I'm probably putting money into something I should really just replace. Thanks.
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