New PCI-E 1X to speed up Zotac Ion G-E

Okay. I have a Zotac Ion G-E that's sitting under my TV, and being used for Windows Media Center and XBMC, etc.
XBMC is rapid of course, but WMC is sluggish in reacting to button presses and moving between menus and I put it down to the GeForce 9400M onboard GPU being a bit slow*.
It's got a PCI-E 1X slot, and I thought about buying a Zotac GPU-A-E upgrade card for it, but there's really no reason to stick to Zotac if there's something better out there cheaper. I could happily find a regular desktop graphics card from the charts if it was a desktop PC issue, but all I'm after here is something that's:

- cheap
- good enough i.e., accelerates 1080p and pushes enough pixels to run MCE...for which I imagine a low-end card is fine
- really efficient, this computer is on most of the time
- quiet
- has a PCE-E 1X slot or can run in one - I know it's possible to dremel the end off the header and use bigger cards, there's a TH article about it somewhere.


*...because there are other computers in the house that are much more responsive. It's not a hard drive or similar problem, it happens with each screen and button press. This is important because the computer does not yet have the WAF necessary for regular use...
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  1. What about an HD5450? Idles at 6W! I don't know if it would enjoy PCI-E X1 but at £20 it might be worth a punt!
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