Bridging network with second wireless router?

I have a situation right now where my computer seems to *** up when it's connected to the ethernet cable and trying to figure out where the problem's coming from.
One thing I could try is hooking it up not using the 100feet of ethernet cable that's connecting it to the router on a different floor. I have an extra router that I'm not using right now.. is it possible to have my old wrt54gs pick up the wireless signal from the DIR-655 and then plug that into my PC?
not as a permanent setup, but to try isolating where the problem is happening.. i'm not sure if it's possible, just because the second router would only be connected to the main network wirelessly...
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  1. Did make the 100 foot cable yourself?

    Check wire order at the plugs. Here's a sample of what is correct.

  2. You would have to install third-party firmware (e.g., dd-wrt) on the WRT54GS into order bridge it to the other router. Using the Linksys firmware, it's just not possible. Probably not worth the effort if you only intend to use the bridge as a temporary fix or for testing purposes.
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