Building a slim desktop, have a case in mind...

I have a computer desk that has a full-width keyboard tray... it's a 3" space, and I want to use this case:

Silverstone LC19B-R Black Micro ATX

Judging from the dimensions, I will have a half-inch or so of space above the top of it where the desktop sits. So I believe there should be enough airflow coming out of the top of this case.

What I need help with is the INSIDE... it's been a LONG time since I've built a PC. The last one I built was back in 2004. So obviously I know how to connect components, but the options available are all new to me.

So many mobo and CPU standards now... what I need help on is the best strategy of components inside this case that will give me the best desktop PC I can build within this case design. I'm aware that means Micro ATX... my googling of discussions on this are yielding up results from 2008... 2006... nothing more recent.

What I'm looking for is a desktop PC that can surf, handle a whole mess of windows open at the same time (I've been known to have LOTS of browser tabs and windows open), WHILE playing music, doing media downloads, and maybe streaming things... I don't expect this to amount to a modern gaming system, but if you can help me make the BEST setup for this case, I would appreciate it.

I suspect that some of you are actually familiar with this case, so I'm curious how this turns out.
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    Silverstone provides some pictures of the innards, that case isnt even really Micro ATX, its a mini ITX case with a 120W built in power supply, i guess you could fit a microATX board in there if you tried but its going to be hard to fit one with a heatsink. For CPU choices you will be restricted to what you can find on a miniITX board and only a single hard drive and nothing with tall heatsinks, its going to be a very restrictive case to work in, you will be restricted to an Atom or a low powered AMD CPU.
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