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Not sure if this is the right section for this thread so if I'm in the wrong place just let me know and I will move it.

I recently purchased a used HP Workstation with the intention of installing some major upgrades. Today I picked up 2x CPUs and a brand new graphics card. These are all superior to the ones already installed so I want to carry out a before-and-after performance test/benchmark with the machine as it is now and then after each item is installed.

So I want a good, free program that will help me do these tests, preferably one that somebody has used themselves recently.

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  1. There trial/basic version available for most benchmarks for free. PCMark, 3DMark, AIDA... have a look at what hardware sites use.
  2. SiSft Sandra 'Lite'

    Be sure to enable 'Rankings' and you may compare both your rigs to others around the globe ... nice display options, charts/graphs, and a complete array of benchmarking tools.

  3. this ones pretty good

    free for 30 days
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