My soundcard problem hope someone can help me..

hi guys i have a problem with my soundcard..
when i play some sounds or watch some movies i get some sounds like cracking or like static sounds...i already search the google but no one have the right answer how to fix this..please help me ...,
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  1. Soundcard or onboard audio?
    There's a difference.
  2. its a soundcard..,,it so iritating to my ears when i play musics and movies as well...
  3. ^^ Whats the soundcard? [Probably a Creative, which probably means Creative's drivers are at fault, which means I recommend either the Daniel_K or PAX drivers instead]
  4. ^+1 what most people do who can no longer tolerate Craptastic drivers.
  5. ahmm it say here its a C-media PCI Audio device...i already installed the latest driver for it..but i think its the cards problem now..,,i think im gonna buy some new card..,but before that maybe someone can help me to fix this one...
  6. Move it to another pci slot.
    Prefereably the furthest away from gpu=bottom slot
  7. Quote:
    ahmm it say here its a C-media PCI Audio device...

    More specific? C-Media based cards are used by about 8 differnet companies, so that doesn't rule much out.
  8. @ davcon i allready move it but nothings happen...
    @ gamerk316 i dont know that what companie is this card dude..maybe ill try to remove some parts in my cpu..,
  9. Like gamerk316 said many companies use C-Media chips.
    The card will likely have an identifying number stamped or stickered on it somewhere
    Google it/them = find out maker
  10. then whats next when i allready found the companies who make this??
    ohh god i can here like theres a popcorn inside my headset ahaha..
  11. ^^ C-Media makes several soundcards, but sells them to other companies, which use the chipset as a base for their own models. As such, you need to find out exactly what drivers you need to install, as teh default C-media ones may not work properly.

    For instance, my old Razer Barracuda, when drivers were not installed, was listed as a "C-Media audio device".
  12. when i put my soundcard here in my computer it automatically downloaded a driver for it so i know that i have the latest driver for it..,,but the problem is the sounds like crackling here in the headset when i play some sounds or playing games..,i dont know how to fix this..,,maybe i will buy some new soundcard...
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