Faster CPU or GPU?

I'm looking at two CPU/GPU combo's with similar prices:

i7 2720QM & GTX 560M

i7 2670QM & GTX 570M

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  1. For either gaming or programming, i would take the 560Ti. Its the best bang for your buck between the 2 gpus, and if you can still squeeze out the 2720, go for it. What socket is a 2720? 1366? if thats the case, dont get the cpu yet. get some more money and upgrade to an i5 2500k and 1155 socket combo. 1366 is dead, and 1556 is soon to follow.
  2. wow, im such a noob...

    /facepalm #2 for the day!
  3. Quote:
    i7 with gtx 570m will be better for gaming.

    Sounds good to me. I get the impression from looking around that the 2720 isn't that much of an improvement for gaming over the 2670.

  4. casualbuilder said:
    wow, im such a noob...

    /facepalm #2 for the day!

    By that standard I'd have knocked out several of my teeth by now :pt1cable:
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