Asus p8z77-v pro no bootable device is detected

I just build my own pc, i have a ssd and dvd-rw install but my motherboard can detect any of them, the screen say 'no bootable device is detected. System will enterthe bios setup utility.
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  1. Is any system installed on SSD?
  2. Is your SSD set to AHCI?
  3. i just solve my dvd but my ssd is not detected, and yes i set it to AHCI.
  4. Do u see the SSD in the BIOS?
  5. not at all, just saw dvd-rw only.
  6. OK, plug it in another port and check the power connector and the SATA too.
  7. What port did u plug it?
  8. Whats your BIOS version?
  9. What is it, brand new SSD?

    Brand ... model ...
  10. thank for your help, i didn't plug hard enough, everything is OK now, thank.
  11. Good to hear : )
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