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Area-51m for a really good price!!

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August 18, 2002 7:49:41 PM

i was just surfin around the other day and happened to come across a local company called Eurocom. as it turns out, these guys are the ones that actually manufacture the computers for resellers such as Alienware. they also provide a 20% discount towards any new system, for trading in your old system. as they put it on "Donate your old computer to Computers for Schools Program instead of disposing of it, and you will receive a 20% discount towards your new upgradeable EUROCOM system."

i phoned them and asked about this. apparently it can be anything as low as pentium 100mhz technology. the only condition is that you give them a complete working system including monitor, keyboard, and mouse. other than that, 20% off any configuration they make.

i went and configured the 5600 Monte Carlo (same model as the Area51-m) as such:

15" UXGA (1600x1200)
P4D 2.4 Ghz
40 GB HD 4200 RPM
8x modular DVD-ROM
carrying case included

for USD $2617
after the 20% discount that becomes USD $2093.60!

now i went and looked at the specs and everything appears to be the same except for the hd which alienware includes the option of a 5400rpm drive. other than that they are identical. except the price. i configured the same comp on Alienware's website and came out with a pricetag of USD $2641. ouch.

anyways.... i thought i would inform a few of you on the subject in case there were a few of you out there wanting to get the Area-51m but could not quite afford it.

if anyone knows something i don't about this i would gladly hear your comments.... thanks guys

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August 19, 2002 3:50:21 AM

Will the real manufacture please stand up.

Why do you think Eurocom is the real manufacture? I've seen these things sold under: ProStar, Sager, Vision (Tiger direct), Max-something, Alienware, Clevo and now Eurocom. I bought the Sager and they are clearly not the manufacture. They do have good pricing however and may be cheeper then the eurocom, depending on options and currency conversion.

Eurocom is shows prices in CD not USD as they are in the great white north ehy. Ahh never mind they show both prices. Ok you can get roughly the same system from Sager at the lower price without having to dick with the trade in.

Ok I think Clevo is the real manufacture or some other yet to be discovered company is and here is why: The thing is made in taiwan so the company that makes it must be a taiwanese company correct?

Ok I can't say about the other "clones" but Sagers are <b>definately</b> made by Clevo. I just peeled up a sicker that said "version 1" and under the sticker it says clevo co. This part of the second sticker is cut out so it can be removed but Sager didn't remove it they just covered it.

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August 21, 2002 4:26:50 AM

the reason i said that they are top dog is because on their website,, they have a section devoted to applications for resellers. a reseller would not be able to do that eh (notice spelling of eh). and i have been told by eurocom that they design the motherboards for these systems. anyways... disagree with me if you choose.
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August 21, 2002 10:04:17 AM

OK, so like do you have one of these "clone" computers or are you blowin the floor, eh? If you are correct why does mine say CLEVO CO instead of EUROCOM CO?

Ok Eurocom has a very nice site and Clevo has a aweful site. I suspect that Eurocom is like Dell. Dell has resellers but they do not make their own notebooks. They do put out a spec for other to make a notebook to. Ahh perhaps an even better example: Sears slaps the Craftsman name on their tools but in fact their wrenches are make by Danaheir tools right up the street from where I work. I know people who work at the factory and that factory makes tools under several names including Craftsman.

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August 24, 2002 11:59:37 PM

yours has that name cause its called putting that name on it? its called reselling.
August 26, 2002 5:09:56 AM

From information given to me it's Sager making them. I don't know if they're part of Clevo as you say. They have been in business for 16 years and Alienware along with others others just rebadge them from what I know. We sell them at my work
I'm not bashing Alienware, but you can save a lot of $ with just going Sager. It is a confusing setup on who makes them for sure, but very nice notebooks.
September 16, 2002 5:36:41 PM

You are correct, The Area51-M isn't made by Alienware, It is made by a company called ProStar(Model 5694)and you can buy it directly from them with all the same specs for a much lower price. The only thing you don't get with ProStar is all the funky colors...

I bought this Laptop directly from the ProStar website about 4 months ago and am very satisified with it!

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September 20, 2002 3:01:32 AM

The computer company I work for is a reseller for Pro-star. I have seen many Pro-star computers, in fact my boss Bill has a Pro-star computer. We have been wondering about the whole Sager/Pro-Star/Alienware/Vision/Eurocom/Clevo thing so I asked Bill to peel off the sticker covering the "real" brand off the bottom of his Pro-Star and guess what. His Pro-Star is made by Clevo just like my Sager is. I bet there is a small sticker on the bottom of your Pro-Star and I bet is says Clevo under that sticker.

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