Ok, i realize that this isn't the right section for this problem but i haven't gotten jack squat for help in the others so bear with me:

I recently moved to a different building on my college campus that has acces to the T3 (yes i'm braging). i've set up networks before and i'm halfway done with cisco certification so i thought i knew what i was doing. When i boot my computer for the first time it won't recognize an internet connection. nothing will, not internet explorer, chat apps, and i can't browse the network either. however, when i go into network properties and change something, but change it back to the exact same settings, just so long as windows makes me restart, then it recognizes the connection after the reboot.

i've tried everything i can think of, different nic's (pci and isa), different drivers for all of them, different login protocols.

The qustion is, do i have to reinstall windows? i'd realy rather not, i'm lazy, but not lazy enough to realy hate having to boot the comp twice. I'm looking for a non-reinstalling solution, or more than five votes for reinstalling and i guess i'll do it.

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  1. btw -- i'm afk untill late sunday so please forgive me for not thanking you (hopefuly thanking you ~crosses fingers~) or replying untill then.

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  2. Hmmm not sure. First of all, what exact setup does this take? I would expect that it should require only that you set your system as a DHCP client, then fill in the domain, your system hostname, and IP addresses of your gateway(s) and nameserver(s). Or it might use a proxy.


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  3. yeah...all that, but no proxy (huray) high school had a proxy, the thing blew. they told us that we had a t1...turned out they just shotguned a bunch of 56k's...hehe, the tech guy was a dork...anyway, yeah just regular old 10/100 and/or 10/t set up.

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  4. It really depends on your school, but yes I feel your pain. They are a bitch. You've got the pamphlet that they have for instructions and it should tell you nothing right?

    You are most likely going to have to put something like your name into the network control panel as well as set up some numbers to log into or something lame. I can't remember anymore, but find someone that has got it to work at your school, and don't do something rash like reinstall windows.

    You probably have it all setup right, but need to something simple like "log off the computer". Did you register your account with the school for the break? What login are you using, and is it the right one?

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  5. Schools are changing. I can remember when you could plug into any access terminal in an empty classroom or the student union and 'go to work'.

    They still use NAT, but most want to be able to identify the actual computer as well, especially if the EE/CHE/ME guys have a wireless network on campus. Your identification/login most likey is the culprit, followed closely by the gateway and DHCP server. Check out the EE/network geeks at the access counter and see what they've changed the settings to. Sometimes those pamplets were printed out that week, but one of the professors wants change something mid-week and they don't want to print out another 1000.
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