Gigabyte UDH5 and 2133Mhz memory

Hey guys I bought the Gigabyte GA Z77X UDH5 motherboard and also some Corsair Vengeance blue DDR3 2133Mhz ram only to read here:
That it only supports "DDR3 2400(OC)/1600/1333/1066 MHz memory modules" :(

Can I still use this memory and o/c it to 2400mhz or do I have to run it at 1600mhz or won't it run at all?
HELP! :(

Thanks pete
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  1. I believe the MOBO will clock it down to 1600. To support 2400, you will have to OC it, and from what I have read, there is not much difference between 1600 and 2400mhz anyways. Basically, the specs like that on any MOBO indicate what is native to the board and what must be achieved by overclock. For example, my Asus P8z77-V Pro supports memory speeds all the way up to 2400, but I believe the Sabertooth I looked at only supported the higher speeds when OC'd. I was able to set my memory speed to 2133 simply using Intel XMP because the profiles were supported by my board. I also believe most boards just default the memory to either 1600 or 1333 anyways.
  2. Ok I believe the CPU I have has Intel XMP also so I'll take a look at what values that can give me and stick to using a profile whether it be a 2400 or 1600 profile.thanks for your help mate!
  3. I think even if your CPU supports it, the MOBO must support the speed as well, just a heads up. I think the board would have to list the desired speed without the OC designator to use the XMP profile at that speed.
  4. So because my mobo doesn't list the speed 2133mhz you now think it won't work?
  5. If I remember correctly what I read when I was building my PC, that is right. My choice came down to getting 16gb of 2133 mhz RAM and my current MOBO, or going with the Sabertooth which only supported 2400mhz RAM (above 1600mhz that is) which was too spendy to justify. At least I don't think it will work with XMP, I am not too experienced in overclocking so I am not sure if you would be able to simply overclock the memory to get it running at 2133 speed even though the MOBO will default to 1600/1333, maybe someone with a little more familiarity on RAM can clarify.
  6. Hmmmm well i've built the rig and the ram defaults to running art 1333 at the moment which sucks a bit so when I engage XMP it goes right up to 2133 by just increasing the ratio. This seems to work after a reboot and three bios health check confirms it's now running at this speed however after a longer period of the PC being off, when it next starts it says that there was a problem and it reverts back to 1333.the PC seems stable enough with low temps and no crashes when it's on so I don't know why it's resetting it.i've also o/c'd the ram to 2400 which is the recommended speed according to gigabyte with the link given earlier but this also suffers the same date as when set to 2133.

    Any gurus know what's going on? :(
  7. Any thoughts now?
  8. Hey guys i'm wondering if anyone has any guide to overclocking memory or overclocking in general as it's been at least 10 years since I tried to do it last :)
    Perhaps my issue with this ram can be solved by increasing the voltages? However I want to do this safely or with some experienced guidance.
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