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Multiple Displays? (Netbook)

Hey Guys,

So I've been playing around for a while now, and can't make this work. Here's the deal:

1. I want to run dual displays off my Asus 1005HA.

2. Have VGA splitter running to both external displays.

3. Can get both monitors to display, but only the same image.

4. I want to have just 2 displays, one on each external monitor.

I don't think it's possible with my current setup. Running XP (yeah I know).

Thinking about picking up one of those USB to VGA cables, but want to make sure it is not possible to run dual displays from my notebook (without using the notebook display).

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  1. A video "splitter" will do just that, split the same signal to both monitors so you will get the same image on both. The link you posted is not a video card but a USB to Serial conection.

    USB video will be very slow, in most applications pretty much un-usable. The Matrox Dualhead2Go products are good, but will cost you more.
  2. damn so you're saying i have to drop at least $150 just to get what i want here?
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    No it's possible. What you need is a Diamond Multimedia BVU195 (which I use to provide dual displays for my MBP - both displays are 24" 1920x1200). But it does cost $75 or so. There is a BVU160 that displays a lower resolution like 1280x1024 that's a little cheaper.

    USB video is totally usable. I connect one monitor to the BVU195 and use it for web/mail/document editting. I acutually have it pivotted so I display 1200x1920, no problem.

    I don't know what gpu is on a EEEpc, I assume just GMA900 or X3100 or something like that. The 8600M in my MBP is quite a bit more powerful but I don't know if USB displays use the onboard GPU.
  4. ok cool. probably just gonna pickup a USB cable and give that a shot. thanks :-)
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