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Fans On, No Beeps or Video

Last response: in Motherboards
July 25, 2012 3:32:13 PM

I've been trying to fix my PC for almost 5 months. I've replaced the HDD, SDD, Motherboard, and PSU. I'm almost there, I just have this last problem to fix.

When I put the rig together, all of the fans turned on but I had no video. I've gone through the boot checklist many times.

When I removed everything but the CPU and heatsink, the fan turned on but I got no beep codes

I have no idea as to what's wrong or how to fix it. Any help would be seriously appreciated

Asrock 990fx Professional
PCP&C MkII Silencer 500w PSU
AMD Phenom XII 1090t
HIS IceQ Turbo 6850

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July 25, 2012 5:49:32 PM

I realize my problem may be a bit vague. Here are some extra details that may help.

1) When I plug the case fans into the motherboard, they work.
2) I let the system run for 5 minutes, then I checked the CPU. It was warm.
3) Most Asrock boards have a feature called Dr. Debug. It's supposed to give you an led code to diagnose your problem. It's also supposed to run through initialization codes at startup. It's doing neither of those right now
4) I've done absolutely everything you can do with the RAM. Nothing.
5) I don't have any parts to swap with.
July 25, 2012 7:13:20 PM

The 4 or 8 pin plug for the CPU is plugged at the top of the board?
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July 25, 2012 8:06:10 PM

baddad said:
The 4 or 8 pin plug for the CPU is plugged at the top of the board?

Yes, that was first on the checklist. :) 
July 26, 2012 2:18:12 AM

I recently had similar problems.

First things first, make sure the jumper that hooks up your case speaker is plugged into the right spot on your board. In my case, the jumper that connected my case to my mother board only covered 3 prongs, but the jumper for my new board was 4 pins. Also, remember the 8 pin connector coming from your case that is labeled "audio" is NOT the speaker that beeps for posting. Apparently it's a common mistake.

Second thing you should do is go to your mobo mfg website and check to see if the ram you're trying to use is supported by your board (I know, I thought RAM was RAM for the longest time). That's one possibility. If you can, find a stick of cheapo ram that you KNOW your board supports (I've seen 2g sticks of ddr3 places for, like, 20 bucks or cheaper.