Not sure which Socket I have...

I have a Dell Inspiron 1545.
I'm looking to upgrade my CPU to something that's high in performance and low in cost. (don't we all? lol but i want to be as specific as possible)

The first step to doing this is finding a CPU that is compatible with my socket...
I used CPUID to find that my socket is "Socket P (478)."
buuut what does that mean?
Online, I've heard that it's either going to be a "Socket P" or a "Socket 478."
But mine is a "Socket P (478)."

So which socket do I have?

Many thanks!
Right now my system looks like this:
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  1. The socket that the processor that you are using is a Socket P (478) looks the same as the old Intel® Pentium® 4 socket but has a different pin out (that means that you can't stick an old 478 cpu it and have it work). On the motherboard tab you will see the chipset and from that you can check to see what processors that the chipset will support (going to be GM45 chipset if you are using the Intel graphics, or the PM45 if you have some dedicated graphics). Here is the basic info from Dell . and on page 56 it state that it can used the Intel Core™ 2 Duo, Celeron®, Celeron Duo and the Intel Pentium processors with a 667/800/1066 FSB and l2 cache of 1, 2, 3 or 6MB. So while all of these might not work (you need to check with Dell to make sure) here is a list of Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processors that you should be able to use,29756,28026,29757,32243,36750,37117,36734,42014,42167,35569,35568,37006,40380,35566,37266,42599,36686,37210,36689,37262,36691,36693,37260,36695,36697,37264,30786,33096,30787,27253,31788,32427,27254,35163,33915,35581,37034,40479,39311,37255,42109,29759,27255,31728,29760,27256,29761,27257,29762,31729,33916,33099,33917,35562,33918,37130,35563,37005,39312

    Sorry long list.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. Thanks, Christian!
    Yes, my chipset is an Intel GM45.
    So, out of of that long list of Intel Core 2 Duos, which do you think would be the best?
    Well, what I mean is, what do you look for when you're trying to find a good one?
  3. Actually, nvm. I've just decided to simply upgrade my RAM and not my CPU anymore. it's actually pretty expensive to upgrade my CPU.
    Do you have any warnings/advice about upgrading RAM, Christian?

    You've been a big help. Thanks again!
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