Sabertooth 990FX boot issue

Hey everyone!

I really hope someone can help me with this. I have a few ideas but I'd rather not spend the money to find out it wasn't the problem!

Computer Spec is:

Sabertooth 990FX v1 motherboard
AMD FX 6100 processor
8GB 1600Mhz Corsair vengence RAM
Corsair TX650 PSU
Geforce 8800GTX graphics

Ok so heres the problem. When I switch on the computer it almost always doesn't boot, stopping at the VGA LED staying lit. If I continue to restart the computer it eventually boots up fine. Everything works perfectly, even under heavy loads. I'm also able to restart the computer with no issues. Its only when I switch it off completely and try to turn it on again.

The graphics card worked perfectly under my last motherboard, and works fine when it boots, so I don't think its broken at all. I was also thinking the power supply might be underpowered, but I woulda thought under heavy load I would see some sort of errors but no, everything works great. The funny thing is when I change where the graphics card is put in, different PCI-e slot, or reset the CMOS etc, it seems to boot up first time for a day, then it stops at the same error again.

I'm thinking the PSU might not be able to get enough power to the VGA on boot, and lucks out sometime, its the onlyt hing I can come up with, so thinking of getting a 850watt version, but if this didn't solve it I'd just be out money.

I realise the 8800GTX is an old PCI-e 1.0 card, its next on my upgrade list as this has been a new slow build. :)

Just...if anyone had any ideas it would be much apprecitated. Thanks

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  1. Corsair TX650 PSU < more than enough power for your system
  2. CM Storm Enforcer Case
    ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard
    AMD FX8120 OC 4.0 ghz
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
    MSI R6850 Cyclone IGD5 Power OC Edition
    16 Gigs GSKILL Sniper 1866
    Corsair TX650 PSU
    3 Cooler Master Red LED Fans
    Plextor PX-890SA DVD Burner
    Plextor PX-LB950SA Bluray Burner
    LITEON IBHS212 Bluray Burner
    Kingston HyperX 120GB 3K SSD (6Gb/s) Boot Drive
    2 Seagate Barracuda 1TB 32 MB 7200 RPM Hard Drives
    Samsung SyncMaster SA550 27 inch LED Monitor
    Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard
    CM Storm Inferno Gaming Mouse
    Bose Companion Desktop Speakers
    Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit

    I have this system and the same PSU you have ^
  3. WOW! ok, so, its not the PSU problem then, thanks!

    Awesome rig btw :)

    What now tho, does this mean its a defective board? Or is there some setting in the UEFI I can change? I'm on all stock settings.
  4. Does it have the latest BIOS?
  5. yes, 1304 thats just been released recently...its annoying it would be better if the board didn't work at all. EVERYTHING is fine when it gets running, am thinking maybe i did something when I moved the graphics card.

    I activated a thing called VRM spread spectrum there now it says it makes it more stable? I have to go out now but wil be back in a bit.
  6. Ok keep us posted.
  7. Ok, so I just unhooked absolutely everything inside the case, removed the graphics card etc (the cable management was a bit of a mess tbh, so at least thats sorted) then put it all back together, and its still happening!

    It was a 2nd hand graphics card online with a custom heatsink on it, and the card is a bit warped. After trying to restart it about 20 times with no joy I turned it off and tried to lightly push it back the way it should be shaped, then next time I turned it on it worked.

    I'm getting a HD 6870 anyway for my new build in the next few days, so I'm going to just get it and see if this problem still persists (I still don't get why it works perfectly once its on tho)

    Any more tips or advice from anyone is more than welcome!

    PS Area51reopened, I only have the stock CPU cooler atm, is that Cooler Master Hyper go much near the first RAM slot? Just you said you have 16GB, is that 2x8GB or 4x4GB?

    Thanks again.
  8. Use ram without the large heat spreaders and your fine.
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