Memory Short After Case Swap

Hey Guys, First post! Wish it could have been a better one.

Here is my issue:
I am running an i7 w/ Asus board and 24gb of RAM. I switched cases after my first choice wasn't venting properly. I installed it into the new case and when I got everything buttoned up I booted and it only registered 16gb of RAM. After an 1/2 hour of pulling DIMMs and some healthy swearing It looks like there was a short on the C1 DIMM. There looks like a little sliver of silver on the right side of the memory slot; the ram also had a small burnt smell and a small scorched mark. Now only B and A slots are functional.

I have looked up the issue and most people say its pulling ram when there is power in the caps, but the thing is, I never pulled the ram except after it registered 16gb. I switched the cases with the cpu and ram still attached and simply bolted it into the new case (aerocool X-one). When I pulled the RAM I always unplugged the power cord and drained the caps via the power button.

The mobo is still under warranty so hopefully I can get that replaced (I am also going to try to get the stick of ram replaced) but I really need to figure out exactly what happened so I don't simply repeat it when I install a new mb.

Other details that may be useful are that the case wiring is really tight but I installed the mobo on risers to spec, like I always do and the computer functions perfectly sans the burnt out dimms.

Side note, while I have your attention, I have another question. I run a H50 cooler, but after the swap, I plugged the pump into the cpu-fan port and the radiator fan into the chassis_fan port. Now, the pump runs very loudly- I added 3 more fans to my old setup but the loudest thing on the board is the pump. Am i doing something wrong? It may be my old case's sealed nature that caused me not to notice the sound before but I am not sure... I will most likely be switching to the stock fan (no OC) with the rebuild.

Thank you everyone for your help and the great community here. I really appreciate any insight, no matter how large or small.

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  1. Draining the caps isn't at all necessary. It'll happen automatically after about 10-20 seconds. When the light on the bottom of the board goes out you're good to go.

    I'd like to see what this "little sliver of silver" looks like, it doesn't sound like it's something that should be there. It's possible that there's a manufacturing defect which wasn't causing any problems until the board got jostled around a bit.

    As for the pump, it should be plugged into the CPU port like you have it. I'm not sure if the H50 uses PWM to control the impeller speed or not but I imagine that it doesn't. It probably ran the same before but you're just noticing it now due to the new case.
  2. Ill try to take a picture of it when I get home; thanks for the help. I am sure asus will ask for the same thing
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