Is a workstation card better at openCL than a desktop card?

If I am doing openCL/cuda based rendering on a graphics card is it necessary to buy a workstation card? or when they talk about cad being faster are they just talking openGL?
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  1. A graphics card will accelerate OpenCL work, but if you are doing something like CAD or video production, a workstation somehow performs 10s of times faster than a normal gaming graphics card, even if the graphics GPU has more CUDA cores. The reason behind this is based on the design and purpose of the GPU. If you try to compare performance differences between the GTX 580 and the Quadro 5000 in CAD, the margins are way overwhelming and overly bias to the Quadro 5000, and you will find the GTX 580 outperformed by almost every Fermi Quadros released (it's even outperformed by the new AMD Radeon HD 5000 and 6000 series).
    Note that the prices you pay are much much greater, but for 10 times the performance you get from the Quadro 5000 for $2000, from the GTX 580 for $480, it's actually a good deal (in the workstation world).
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