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I have a LGA 1366 mobo and a corsair gs600 PSU. My case has four dc fans with both gender four pin molex connectors but no connectors for the fan headers. My psu has the four pin connectors for the fan and two of the cables have a small header attachment at the end of them. Would I connect the fans to one of these four pin cables male/female whichever fits and the the end of it to the header? I can't see any other way to control the fans but I don't want to short anything on the mobo.
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  1. You can buy adaptors for the mobo sockets or use the molex plugs, because the fans have both types on them you can daisychain several together from one molex plug
    The little connectors from the psu are for floppy drives, do not plug those into the mobo :-)
  2. I apreciate the promt reply, my only problem now is how to control the fans if there is no where on the fan to plug to the mobo. I really don't want the fans running full blast constantly. Is there something I'm missing?
  3. This is what fan controller modules are for. If you have 3 pin headers on the motherboard for 3 pin fans, then use them of course. In the BIOS you can tell the system how to manage those fans. Essentially the motherboard will speed them up if the system gets too hot. 4 pin headers on the motherboard are almost ALWAYS for CPU fans only. As mentioned never plug in legacy floppy drive power cables into them, this would be very very bad. The 4 and 3 pin headers on the motherboard SUPPLY power, not take power. Also, try not to run multiple fans on the same header by the way. If you have what is called "molex" cabled fans, those ones that look like the same power supply you give to hard drives and cdroms (before SATA power connectors of course) then you cant plug them into the fan headers on the motherboard. You need to daisy chain them off the power supply. If you want to look at fan controlling modules, check these out:
  4. Thank you!
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