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I have a AMD phenom x2 555 BE @3.2 ghz and I'm planning a video card purchase soon. Can anyone tell me what is the best video card I can get that won't be bottlenecked by my processor? I'm thinking either radeon 5850 or nVidia gtx 460.

I'd prefer not to overclock or unlock cores on the cpu unless I'm actually being held back. If both of those video cards would be bottlenecked, I may have to lower my sights to a 5770 or comparable card.
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  1. What's a "CPU bottleneck" to you?

    Anyway, what games and resolution are you aiming at?

  2. Generally speaking, there will always be 'some' cpu bottlenecking at resolutions where the gpu is NOT the bottleneck, normally below 1920x1080. At 1280x1024, your cpu will figure much more prominently in the performance delivered....
  3. I'll be playing at 1080p probably crysis 1 & 2 as well as Stalker call of Pripyat.
  4. 'Some' cpu scaling occurs even at 1080P, but, the GTX460(1gb) is a solid card; the gpu is about 80% of the performance equation at 1080P....
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