A small variation on EATX12V 8-pin connector problem...

Couldn't find a direct answer to this in forums. I was just sent a replacement PSU from an RMA (that seems to have no online specs or retail version). It has a modular setup for the cables, and the EATX12V is divided into 2 4-pin connectors. It seems like they should fit into the 8-pin ATX on my mobo, but the heads on the pins don't match the mobo pins.
i.e. in the top row, opposite the clip, where the mobo has square, round, round, square, my combined 4-pins have square, round, round, round.

Question: can all 8-pins be plugged in anyway, or is it an incmpatible type and I have to reduce to 4 pins?

Secondly, if 4-pins is the case, with an i7 quad-core cpu, will it get enough power with 4 pins, or does the psu have to be replaced again with one that has a full 8-pin? The mobo manual didn't mention this specifically.

mobo: Asus P8Z68-V Pro
CPU: i7 2600k
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    For some strange reason all 4+4 pins have 4 rounded pins on the second half, its on all of them and is perfectly normal, im not sure why they didnt make it match the 8 pin but it will fit just fine and will power the system properly. If you notice both the 8 pin and the 4+4 have 4 yellow wires on top and 4 black wires on that bottom so all of the power is going to the right spots.
  2. Thanks!
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  4. Yes. Thanks for this great news. I too had just built my second ever system and architecture changes. The Asus M5A99X Evo BIOS is so graphical, I'm used to the old BIOS "words only ". LOL

    But, I bought a cheap 500W Coolmaster that had two sets of Yellow/black modular connectors, and at the top of my motherboard was a 8 pin connector, and my two sets of 4 pins were also, round, round, round, round, and the other, square, round, square, round. I emailed the tech who I bought this from and unfortunately he was "vague" on explaining some stuff (must be busy) anyway, he was saying to just go ahead and plug this in and it will provide a more "stable" power supply to the CPU?!

    The newest thing for me it this 6 pin PCI-E connector, I think if I read right, it's for the new video cards? What the heck happened to just plugging them into a slot?? Wow, times are changing!

    Thanks again for the answer, greatly appreciated.
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