Can I Update the bios of a mobo for 2nd gen CPU when My CPU is 3rd gen

Hi.. So I'm trying to build a new gaming computer, I'm not really hardcore gamer but I want something where I can play decent games. I got almost all the pieces except for the motherboard... you might be wondering what's the big deal.. ?

I Bought a CPU Intel i7 3770 which is 3rd generation Ivy bridge.. 22 mm
The problems with all the mobos I can afford is that they need to get their BIOS updated so I can use this CPU, I don't have a 2nd gen CPU to do that.. Is there a way to update the bios without having a 2nd gen CPU? or even just using the 3rd gen CPU? Maybe not even having a CPU at all and update only using a flash drive?

This are the mobos Im considering:

Gigabyte Z68a-d3h-b3

I really appreciate your help, if you suggest any other cheap mobo I could use would be also welcomed, Thanks in advance!
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  1. I recently bought both those boards and both support IVY out of the box
    It is likely that the Z77 board you posted has the correct BIOS for Ivy bridge already.
  2. Yeah, im 99% sure that all Z77 boards support ivy bridge out of the box.
  3. the Z77 gigabyte comes with BIOS F11 , it needs BIOS F13 to support the i7 3770, That's why I wonder if there's a way to update it w/o needing a CPU I don't have
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