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Hello everyone! been reading posts on here for awhile now. Now I need help....I have a sapphire redeon hd 5770 and I want to figure out if I flash a new bios on it can I unlock the voltage control? or is it even possible to unlock it? I am running it @1002/1333 my memory wont go any higher or i get lines or crashes but I know if I up my volts than I can at least set the core higher. And I dont know why Im hitting a wall @ 1333. I have read ppl getting thier cards up to 1100/1450
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  1. You are asking a lot out of you 5770!

    If you can't unlock voltage... a flash is the only way to go.

    Just need to find the right bios.
  2. Wow that was fast not 10 mins ago I posted this. I know Im asking alot but it can give more I just got into computers about 4 months ago and Im overclock crazy now...anyways is there a bios you would suggest? I tried the asus unlock bios but it gave me an error screen sayin somethin about the bios image is too big or something to that effect then my comp kinda froze for 10 mins before I hit the reset button and crossed my fingers. Well it did not brick it so cool but I kinda need a step by step on how to do this properly. I have read other threads on this, last flash I tried was thru winflash the first thru dos but I could not load up the bios to flash kept getting wrong directory or invalid command....
    Thanks for your speedy response r-sky
  3. I have also read about pencil modding....sounds easy and good but I have searched and could not find an example of my card
  4. A card either has voltage control or it doesn't, it's not about the BIOS as far as I am aware. Perhaps you could change the default voltage in the BIOS but I'm not up on that kind of thing and whether or not it would work on a card that physically lacks a voltage controller.
  5. What you say might be it....BUT i have read that some have used the asus unlock bios and it gave them control over voltage. like I said in my previous post I have my clocks set kinda high for this card specially that its stock voltage......anymore input would be great. And how can I raise my mem on the card over 1333/ does it have something to do with my ram? I wouldnt think so but Im reading that ppl are getting thier cards up to 1450 for mem oc..... What would be the variable to set that clock higher and stable?
    Thanks again ppl!!
  6. UPDATE flashed the bios with the asus unlocked one and after it said it successfully applied the changes on the reboot the card would not even post I just posted a thread about it but wanted to update here too not trying to double post. buy the way everything in my system works fine still just had to pop in a legacy 1950gt oh boy. Can i save the 5770 at all?
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