Best efficient 500-600watt Power supplies for the best value

Wondering what, in your opinions, are the best "bang for the buck" Power supplies in the 500 to 600 watt range. Thank you for all responses.
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  1. For the most part, people usually suggest Seasonic, Antec, and Corsair.

    For the most part it is ok if you pick out a wattage, see look up each of those names together with the wattage you want and then see where you can get the best deal.

    They all tend to be pretty competitively priced with each other in my experience and it really depends on who is giving out which rebates at the time.

    I just bought an XFX Core 650w over a Corsair 650 and Antec 650 because I ended up getting the best deal on that one.
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    OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W -$69.99/After Mail In Rebate $44.99CAD
    Btw everyone the OP is Canadian!
    So quoting Canadian links and prices would help!
  3. If you specifically looking for an efficient PSU look at something with an 80 PLUS or 80PLUS Bronze certification(silver and up tend to be pricey).

    Something like :

    Or :

    Or the one that davcon mentioned, that's also a great deal if its available.

    As for the 80PLUS Standard, take a look at the following to understand it better so you can make an educated decision depending on your need :,review-32270.html
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