GTX 570 and i5-2500K

Hello, I just bought a new cyberpower pc with an i5-2500K and a GTX 570. I was just wondering what the limits are, i.e. fps, highest resolution, ect. Thanks for any input :D
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  1. The resolution will depend on your monitor. FPS on the specific game and settings.
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    FPS depends on the game. At 2560x1600 and ultra settings and no AA you are looking at about 16FPS in Metro 2033. However at the same resolution in Far Cry 2 with 4x AA at the highest settings you can get 70FPS.

    Resolution maximum is 2560x1600.
  3. I'm still in the market for a gaming monitor, and the game... Probably MW2 or black ops
  4. Would 1920x1080 be okay for gaming?
  5. No matter the resolution you can get enough FPS in Black Ops.

    Very overkill for Black Ops.
  6. Is 1080p good enough? Or should I get a higher res. monitor?
  7. The 570 is a very solid card up through 1920x1080 in most games, or even higher in several titles.
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