Dell vostro 400 core 2 duo windows 7 only 3 gb of memory usable

Hello all, I am having an issue with memory on my vostro 400. It is a core 2 duo, windows 7, with E8400 board at 3ghz. I have installed 7 gb of ram and only 3gb is shown as usable when I look in the system menu and go to ram processor and speed ect. In the bios setting I have version 1.0.18 and it shows 7000+ installed and 7000+ available. Any clue on what to do to solve this?
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  1. Some versions of windows 7 are 32 bit, which has a limit of about 3 gb regardless of how much ram you use.
  2. A trick you can do, however, is get software to make a ram-disk using the ram that Windows (32bit) won't use, and then use that for your page-file, essentially giving you 7GB (Or, well, 6GB if you have a 1GB GPU / 5GB if you have a 2GB GPU, etc).

    It's what I'm going to do once I get myself some pennies to spend on compy parts.
  3. +1^^
    32 bit Windows is limited to 3.xxGB memory. 64 bit Windows will allow all your memory to be used as system memory.
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