Cat5e crimping problem

Today I attempted to connect my basement computer to my modem/router (SMC 2-in-1 device from ROGERS) via cat5e ethernet cable. First of all, good 30' of the cable is outside due to no other options, however it's nicely insulated by a plastic tube (one's used in cars so it shouldn't fall apart in rain/winter - it fit perfectly too). Rest 50' of the cable are inside. So total around 80' from modem to the desktop (max range is like 300 something feet so I'm assuming distance is not an issue for me). One thing to mention is that I was installing the ends by myself. It's my first time - not going to lie - it took me 4 tries replacing both ends to nearly perfect it. I started off with 568 A and ended up with B scheme, BUT IT STILL DOESNT WORK!!11....Modem has a flashing light at the port where I plug the cable in, however on my desktop it identifies the network for a min or so and then just dies with no internet. From pin 1 I inserted white/orange - orange - white/green - blue - white/blue - green - white/brown - brown ----- 568 B Scheme. I can see the copper ends on the back wall of the ice cube so short wires are not a problem. I tried the cable on my laptop and ended up with the same result. (Mind you all other stations at home work fine) What could I have possibly done wrong after 4 times re-doing the ends? Any help is appreciated
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  1. [#0005ff]You'll hate me for saying this but I think you need to undo the B end and change it to A - it always works for me. A router should be able to sort out the difference but I'm less sure about a MODEM so I suggest sticking with A at both ends.

    I hate that job, especially with my eyesight and fumbling fingers.
  2. Aside from just having the wires messed up, have you checked the cable to make sure it's not ripped somewhere when you were running it? I know 80' of cable is not fun to check.

    There are also testers out there you an plug the cable into and you will get indicator lights as to how each wire is wired. So if you have a cross at one of the ends you will see it. Or if you have a break, that will show up also. The testers can be pricy, but check ebay, or find a PC shop and ask to borrow one or have them test the cable.

    I think even the GeekSquad may have one of those in BestBuy.
  3. OH GOD THE IDIOT THAT I AM.........replaced the ends total 6 finally realized I've been confusing pin 8 with pin's working and speedtest gives me 10.13 mb/s!!!!!!!!!! now to see how it's gonna be on winter.....

  4. Glad to help you realize you were an Idiot, anytime :-)
  5. hang-the-9 said:
    Glad to help you realize you were an Idiot, anytime :-)

    [#0005ff]OK - hands up anyone who did that at least once. :hello: :D [/#000ff]
  6. Saga Lout said:
    [#0005ff]OK - hands up anyone who did that at least once. :hello: :D [/#000ff]

    I've made crossover cables by accident.
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