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i was looking at the gskill sniper series and the corsair vengeance series ram, and i was wondering which one is better.(please dont say they are the same like what a lot of people do).also if the sniper series is better, is it easy to remove the heatsink?
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    Well, wait for it.... They basically ARE the same for all intents and purposes (assuming same speed, latency and voltage). Add Ripjaws and Ripjaws X to that as well.

    Hell, any name brand RAM, when comparing the same speeds, timings and voltages, are identical performance wise and virtually identical quality wise, too.

    Just get whichever one you like the looks of better.

    As to the heatspreader question, I'm not sure. I'm guessing it can be done, but just get a kit that you like the looks of the best and go with it.
  2. ok, lol can respect that answer
  3. lol stupid keyboarad skipped almost everything i typed
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