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New GPU & PSU. Run Fine. Shut Off. I'm Pissed Off.

Hello gentlemen, very nice to meet you. I'm new around here. As in the title, I'm kind of pissed off. This is my problem.

I have a stock Dell Studio XPS 8100 with the following spec:

Intel i5-750 running Windows 7 64-bit. 8GB RAM.

I just replaced my old HD 5670/1GB and stock 350W PSU with a new HD 6950/1GB and a new Corsair 750 TXV2 (from Newegg) a week ago. I want a beast for the coming Skyrim. Oooh, talking about Skyrim, I'm so excited... Anyway, that's irrelevant.

So after I plugged in the new stuff my PC ran fine for a whole day then it kept shutting off and wasn't be able to access windows desktop. I got to the windows where it said "windows couldn't start up and will try to fix it" but it couldn't fix it at all. I thought either the new card or the new PSU was the cause to that. So I took the new card out and put the old card in. Same thing happened, no desktop interface. This eliminated the PSU problem too, because if the PSU was defective then the old card wouldn't even be able to start.

I concluded it must be that new card driver was incompatible with my windows 7 and caused system corruption.

So I tried to restore my OS using the backup disc I created a while ago. Likely fresh new system was up and running fine for a weeks... Woot! This really confirmed my theory that neither the HD 6950/1GB or the new PSU hardware was defective (heat leaking or some sort).

Yeah, it went on like a charm in a week... until today when I was watching my favorite porn, my PC suddenly shut down and turned back on and kept on going that way until I decided to push the power button.

I was so frustrated that it stopped frustrating me anymore. So I don't really know what is going with my crappy system. Any idea gentlemen?

Really appreciate any answer from you guys.
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    It could be your PSU has an intermittent fault. It'll be a pain, but swap everything out to the old config and see if the problem is still there.
  2. yeah, if you havent switched out the PSU with the gpu, and use the old configuration, then we cannot confirm that it ISNT the psu. My guess is that it is. Either a short happened, or its considered a DOA since it only worked for a day. I have had 2 Cooler Master PSU's die within 24HRs on me this past year, and i feel its becoming more of a common thing with companies.
  3. Thanks for your replies. I just put the old config back in and yeah, everything seems fine. So I guess it gotta be the PSU. I'm trying to ask for a replacement from Newegg.

    Thank you so much for your helps. Really appreciate. :)
  4. you dont need that big of a PSU honestly. If you want, you can get a 600W range PSU, and still have headroom for a 2nd gpu.
  5. I swapped the old config in and out and have been running on the new config for a while now and without any problem... I guess the problem could have been some loose connectors... Thank you guys so much for your help. :)
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