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ATI Radeon HD 6670 in a Dell XPS 420 ?


I have a fairly old computer, an XPS 420, Core 2 Quad Q6600, with 4 GB of RAM on Windows 7 and I would like to upgrade my current HD 4670 video card to get a bit more out of this aging computer before upgrading, maybe next year. I don't want to spend that much upgrading, and I don't want to change the PSU either since it's going to increase the cost to somewhere in the 300$ range and If I go there I know I'll end up changing the PC completely, which I don't want to.

I'm currently looking at the HD6670, since I've read in many places that it's the most powerful card with low power consumption, since my power supply is either 375W or 425, from what the XPS 420 specs mention ( ).

ATI recommends a 400W PSU so I'm a bit worried. I know that my HD4670 is supposed to use a maximum of 59 W, so I'm wondering if the extra watts required by the HD6670 will be more than my PC can handle.

Thanks for any advice/input that you may have on the matter.
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    Your graphics card will not require that 400w PSU, since it only uses a max of 59w, and I assume your PC uses no more than 150w max? It's a decent update, not a really big jump, like if your computer doesn't run Metro 2033 over 25 FPS, it probably wouldn't make a 20 FPS advantage.

    Power is not an issue, size (I hope) is not an issue, it's doable.
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  3. Well, I still have some questions regarding the upgrade so I hope you can have a look again :)

    I've come accross a deal with the radeon 5770 at 79$, and from the reviews I read, It looks like it might be a better investment than the 6670. However, looking at specs, they are suggesting a 450 W PSU.

    My PC contains :

    1 Single HDD
    1 Q6600 Quad core processor
    2 2Gb RAM slots
    1 19 in 1 media reader
    1 DVD drive, rarely used while playing games ( thanks Steam )

    And that's about it. In your opinion, does this kind of system reaches as high as 350 W under load conditions such as gaming requires ?

    Looking at the 5770, they say the Max Wattage is 108 W. So it's effectively a 59 W increase over what I'm using in the hardest conditions right now.

    I checked the case and it handles a double slot card. I also have a free 6-pin PCI express connector.

    Will I fry the whole thing with this card ?

    Otherwise, I saw that the GTS 450 recommends a 400 W PSU. Could that be a better option ?
  4. The GTS 450 consumes just about the same amount of power as the HD 5770.

    As you see there, your computer will most likely be running a 250 watts max with a heavy-duty benchmark turned on, and note that their computer is OC'd at 4 ghz, so you should be fine with an HD5770.

    An HD5770 performs about the same as the GTS 450 (maybe the HD5770 has a slight advantage), so you can go for the best priced, which is most likely the HD5770.
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