New comp wont turn on, BIOS crash

I built my computer a a few weeks ago. First Mobo broke within the first 3 weeks. Bought a new motherboard.... Worked fine for ten minutes, went to update BIOS and 80% way in, windows comes to a slow halt and crashes. Rebooted it even with the Asus disk and it longer does anything. Lights and fans are on, but nothing more. What do I do now?

i7 ivybridge
EVGA Nvidia GTX670
Asus P8Z77-V Motherboard
Samsung 830 Series SSD
Windows 7 Pro
Corsair 650W
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  1. Have you tried using BIOS Flashback. It's mentioned in the manual Section 1-6. Not sure if it can fix a botched update, though. Just download the latest BIOS version, put in on a USB drive, plug it into a USB port and follow the rest of the directions in the manual. Might be worth a try.

    Edit: I removed the renaming part, it might have been for a different utility, so never mind that.
  2. Actually worked! Much appreciated. The file did have to be named specific to my board for it to flash. Things seem to be up and running!
  3. That's great news, glad it worked.
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