Computer wont start unless i remove video card

I just bought all these upgrades for my computer.. I started it up for the first time and I think a cord hit my video card fan and a fan blade broke off.. Then a puff of smoke came up.. Now the computer only starts when I don't have a video card in it.. HELP PLEASE!
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  1. Sounds like the GPU is toast. Just return it or RMA it for replacement (if they will do it).
  2. I have tried a different old video card from my old comp and that one is doin the same thing too.. Then again that vid card could be bad as well.. Is there a way I could have fried something on the motherboard?
  3. It's possible I guess, but the GPU makes more sense, since it starts up just fine without one.
  4. Why wouldn't the computer start if the vid card is bad?
  5. A dead GPU can make a system do a lot of weird things and that's one of them.

    Again, it's possible that it's the mobo (or even the PSU), but from what you're describing, the GPU makes the most sense.
  6. Is there a way to test any of these?
  7. For the PSU, if you have another known good and working PSU, you can try that one.

    As far as the mobo goes, no there's really not much else you can do besides test another known working GPU in it.

    If you have another system to test the GPU in, that would be good as well.
  8. Yeah, I'm sorry man. It definitely sucks. :(
  9. Dropped so much money into it.. It would actually be the best if it was only the gpu
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