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8G RAM on ga-970a-ds3?

Can anyone confirm they're running 8G sticks of RAM on the GA-970a-DS3? Or can anyone point me in the direction of a Memory Support list for a ga-970a-ds3 motherboard that isn't direct from the Gigabyte website? The list from the website only lists up to 4G modules but the site clearly states it can handle up to 32G. I'm not liking the idea of buying 16G of RAM that's not going to work.

I used the memory support tool on Newegg and it listed a bunch of RAM that isn't on that list (2, 4, and 8g styles), so I'm guessing they haven't updated it... um... ever...

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    I don't have any experience with the board, but according Crucial, 8GB modules will work just fine, and they even have several 16GB (2x8GB) kits that they guarantee to work.

    I'm assuming most other 2x8GB kits from other manufacturers should work as well.

    Basically, only the CORSAIR brand is supported by this motherboard.
  3. TenPc said:

    Basically, only the CORSAIR brand is supported by this motherboard.

    QVL's aren't always the end-all be-all though.

    AND, there are MANY more manufacture's on that list besides Corsair for every speed and size.
  4. I totally didn't even think of going direct to the RAM mfg to check for support, but after I did I noticed that the Kingston site only lists 1333 sticks (and my board is rated up to 1866 w/o OC. The g.skill site doesn't have a support list for boards that I could find, either. However, I keep going back to the newegg site's memory support tool and the list it's giving me is extensive...

    ... the problem is I can't seem to find anybody to confirm how accurate that tool is.
  5. Always go to the manufacturer site, it is more reliable. Although it might seem to be dated somewhat, it is always best (IMO) to go by what they have tested for suitability.
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