Asus Maxims Extreme IV

i have an asus Maximus Extreme IV motherboard
and GTX 560 video card
every time i connect the video card to the PCIE 2.0 X16\X8 slot
the computer starts freezing and making alot of trouble
but when i connect the card to the X16 slot there is no problem at all
what can cause this problem to happen?
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  1. the slot could be defective. how old is your mobo? have you been using that same problematic slot for quite sometime?
  2. the mobo is new i have it for 2 weeks now
    the store that i boghet it from said that its could be becuse of the speed diffrence
  3. the PCIE 2.0 X16\X8 slot isd only for a second GPU.
  4. TenPc said:
    the PCIE 2.0 X16\X8 slot isd only for a second GPU.

    so it is not a defective slot?
    did you experince this problem as well?
  5. The (top) Red PCIe 2.0 x16/x8_1 is meant for the primary (single) GPU, so IF you have (1) one GTX 560 and it's properly seated in that slot AND you're having problems AND the (single) GPU won't work properly AND ALL of the PCIEX16SW(1~4) are Enabled then there's a problem with your MOBO.

    Manual References:
    PCIe slots ; see pages 2-14 to 2-15
    PCIEX16SW(1~4) ; see page 1-18
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