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GTX 480 problems

So, I've been organizing a build featuring 2 GTX 480's in two-way SLI, which is all fine and dandy, but it would be best if I operated off of a 950 watt power supply. Will this able to run the two GTX 480's plus a Core i5 lynfield and 8 gigs of g.skill sniper memory? Please help!
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    For anyone running a 2-Way SLI GTX 480 setup, we would suggest no less than a 800 watt power supply of good quality and surely we suggest a 1000 watt if you are overclocking anything in your system.

    Is there a reason you want to GTX 480's in SLI? Depending on their price they probably aren't worth it.
  2. Well its an 80 plus BRONZE PSU, and the reason I'm getting 2 GTX 480's is because I'm going to need quite a bit of horse power for my 3D Vision Surround. But they've actually come down in price quite a bit in my opinion. The total cost of my build is less than $2200, and will last me probably around a decade and still be a mid-range rig by then. But anyways, thanks for your help!
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