How do I update my Asus Mobos Bios???

I'm trying to update my Bios on my Asus M5A88-V EVO in hopes of fixing some gaming related issues and the bullshit I have to go through in order to do this is ridiculous. This is my first Bios update and I really need help.

I went to the Asus site, and in order to download the update I needed to download some download manager. After the Download Manager is donwloaded it automatically downloads my update in a zip and on the site it says Download complete and under that a link to open my Bios Update Zip file. I click


Which opens the file on my computer. Well it says it's a rom file and I can't do anything with it. Can't extract t can't open it. I don't know what the *** I'm supposed to do. I know I need the Download manager but absolutely nothing is made clear on the site and I'm left clueless and extremely stressed.

Can someone please guide me through updating my Asus Motherboards Bios?
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  1. put it on a usb flash drive, go into your bios and find asus bios update or EZ flash or whatever it is on your motherboard, and guide it to the ROM file
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