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I've been reading alot on how much of a let down this bulldozer line iswhen it comes to gaming.... Is it safe to say if your building a brand new system RIGHT NOW your best bet is to stick with an Intel CPU?
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  1. Yes either i3 2100 or i5 2500K depending on budget, for lower budgets Athlons are still a good choice. and if your overclocking consider the 955BE as an i3 alternative.
  2. Money isn't that much of an issue... I'm considering 1500-1800 just on the System... Monitor sep.

    I'd like to go with an i7 with a GTX580 16GB ram setup. it's what im leaning towards.. Doing some research on boards.

    The thing is I wanna build something where the socket has some life.. If i build an i7... in 2 years, i'd like to be able to pop in a new CPU and bring the PC some new life.
  3. i7 is of no use for gaming or light application use. i7 2600k is for heavy multi-threaded applications due to their hyper-threading technology. i5 2500k is THE best intel chip for gaming at $220. the GTX is the best choice for a SINGLE monitor setup, whild a 6970 would be best for a triple monitor setup, dual if inside your budget. Asrock makes a kickin Z68 GEN 3 MoBo, and an HX1050 would be highly recommended for any of these options. 8GB of ram is plenty for any gaming system. Get a good case teamed with either (with this budget if you are OC'ing) a Noctua D14 or a Corsair H100. Great cases are Cooler Master HAF 932/942(X), as well as Antec 900, NZXT Phantom. Go with a Full Tower.
  4. yea im a loyal fan to Lian Li.... i5 2500k and a gtc580 8gb thats looking like the system with a modular psu
    and a 27" samsung p2770
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